We are here to help transition more tubies to oral eating by supporting their amazing mommas!

Join us in the Eat to Grow Movement created by Darla Vazquez

As a tubie mom, you have a secret advantage. You are the world’s best cheerleader. Your child has already triumphed over so many obstacles! Whoohoo!
What’s the next hurdle your child can tackle? If there is no longer a medical reason your child can’t eat orally, wouldn’t you love to stop lugging all those extra supplies everywhere you go?
Wouldn’t it make you feel like Superwoman to go through a drive-thru - literally a-ny-where and buy something your child could eat, so you didn’t have to spend the time loading the bag, priming the line, and waiting for the feed to finish?


This is why I created Eat to Grow!

As a founding member at $97 for a year membership, you’ll learn a unique path that fits your family’s lifestyle to guide your child to oral eating!

Become the momma who smiles as her children relish the taste of grandma’s famous dish.


What Are the Steps I Will Take Once I Join The Eat to Grow Course?

You don’t have to figure out how to encourage your child to eat alone.

1. Prepare

The team that causes you to leave the office crying on the regular is not helping your child transition to oral eating. Here you’ll build a supportive team of experienced professionals, reduce the amount of work you’re doing because everyone is striving for the same target,  and set impactful goals that are simple for your child to master

2. Facilitate Healing

Your child’s road to eating has been negatively affected, so it feels near impossible to move forward. Follow this path to empower your kids and create a safe space for them to explore the wonders of oral eating. This will transform your child’s relationship with food forever. 

3. Encourage Progress 

Some of our kiddos have gone months or years with little or no progress toward oral eating, but this section equips you with the tools you need to boost that oral intake within a week or two in a way that works with your family dynamic. 

4. Celebrate & Reassess 

Some victories toward oral eating seem so far and few between but get ready for triumphs that accumulate rapidly and lead to even greater successes. These lessons will give you steps to follow all the way to tube weaning (if that’s your plan) and variety building for years to come. No matter what roadblock you hit in the future, you’ll know exactly what to do to get back on track. Rinse and repeat! 


Hey, I'm Darla! 

As a momma to a former unhappy tubie, I watched my son vomit profusely multiple times a day while the term “failure to thrive” became a  self-fulfilling prophecy. Determined to improve my son's quality of life, I successfully weaned him off the tube in just 30 days with an outstanding team in an inpatient feeding program. Now, almost a decade later, with tons of medical advances, I still see parents struggling to get their children off the feeding tube even after there is no medical reason they cannot eat orally.  


And now I invite you to empower your kids and create a safe space for them to explore the wonders of oral eating.



In under an hour you will learn

How to See More Progress Towards Oral Eating So You Can Take a Deep Breath (or Send Your Kid to Daycare!) 


My mission is to inject normalcy into your family by supporting you as you lead your tubie to accomplish goals that will reduce stress in your home and give you more of the lifestyle you desire. 

The feeding tube saved your kid’s life, literally. You probably can’t stop thinking about it, but It’s time for your next chapter and this one is about more than just eating – it's about healing and growth. For your child of course, and for you too, Momma!


This is where it starts. With you.